Welcome to the Exotic Roleplay

Welcome to the Exotic Roleplay. The Exotic Roleplay is an industry-leading roleplay that has been in the task of creating an awesome roleplay. Located in Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Ps4 Platform. . Read on to learn more about our roleplay.

A Roleplay With Endless Possibilities

Interested in a roleplay with no limits to gameplay. A roleplay with realistic, dedicated characters who can be anything from law enforcement officers to dangerous criminals who are part of  large organisation. Want to take a calmer life? Then apply for a civilian experiencing the most unexpected situations.


On Land, Sea and Air

Unlike many other roleplays on Grand Theft Auto 5 on Ps4 e allow players to become pilots or both commercial and private aircrafts. Scrared of flights? Then become a captain and transport goods around Los Santos. More attached to the ground? Then there are thousands ofjobs available for you.

Fight or Become Crime

Interested in taking the dark path on the roleplay? Or do you wish to stay on the birhgt side and battle against the everlasting crimes in Los Santos? The roleplay is always looking for LEO officers or any other government worker.

How To Join

PSN: ExoSoftGamer

Discord: https://discord.gg/pAd8abq

*NOTICE* All members must be interviewed before allowed access to the server. 


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